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Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 2015

We have been up to a lot!  Here's a quick update on each person. 

Eli is now 5 months old.  He almost crawls,  he loves to be out and about and gets bored easily, he loves when his sisters entertain him,  he is now able to come with me on runs in the running stroller, and when we took him to the doc,  he was off the charts. 

Lillian is home with me while Laura goes to school, this has been hard for her, she's so used to playing with her sister all day... so Lillian and I have been doing "school" at home. It's been fun for us,  and she's learned so much! 

Laura started first grade in the French immersion program and loves it!  Our next trip to France will be exciting for her I think!  I chose this picture of her because she's growing up to not like me taking pictures of her anymore.  She also lets me know, that she doesn't miss me at school at all.  I'm happy to see she loves school,  that makes me happy! 

This is Ashley,  my sister,  she moved in with us in May and was planning on leaving in August, but has decided to stay in America after all!  👍

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